Contingent upon adequate financing and successful purchase of a farm in Wisconsin pursuant to an existing purchase agreement, Integrated Cannabis will plant Industrial Hemp on 160 acres of the 200 acres farm in Wisconsin.  The Company will also seek to create a Co-Op with surrounding farmers to farm their land and deliver Integrated the Bio-Mass

Grow License


Contingent upon adequate financing, Integrated Cannabis plans to build a  processing plant with enough capacity to handle up to 10 times its 160 acres.  The issue farmers have growing hemp is where to sell the bio-mass.  Should Integrated be successful in creating a Co-Op with surrounding farmers, such  Co-Op will assist farmers in creating potentially sustainable revenue generating crops free of tariffs.

Processing License


The key to a good harvest is starting with a seed that will grow and into a high yield plant.  Seedlings give the farmer a 4-week head start on each planting cycle and unlike planting seeds you know the seedling has already sprouted.  High yielding seedlings are sold between $3-$5 per plant and a 15-acre farm would need 25,000 seedlings to be planted.  Integrated plans to  use 2 acres on the farm for grow houses and green houses to supply its own land, its Co-Op members and anyone else who wants to purchase the seedlings.