About Us

About Us

Acquisitions and Growth

Integrated Cannabis Solutions, Inc. seeks to acquire operating businesses or form joint ventures owning 49.9% of the operating businesses. We look for businesses that have the
ability to grow 3-fold or more through organic growth and additional acquisitions. Our current sectors are Apparel and Cannabis, but we are open to looking at other sectors.

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Recent News


Integrated Cannabis Solutions, Inc. welcomes new Chief Executive Officer, Gene Caiazzo.


Integrated Cannabis Solutions, Inc. Is excited to welcome UFC legend and Film Star Oleg Taktarov to the advisory board and as a Brand Ambassador


Integrated Cannabis Solutions Executes Acquisition Agreements to acquire 2 Operating Entities in the Cannabis space


Integrated Cannabis Solutions to acquire 3 Operating entities in the Cannabis space.


Gene Caiazzo, CEO, Director

Gene Caiazzo has been our Director since October 3, 2022, and our Chief Executive Officer/Chief Financial Officer since December 27, 2022.  He has been the President and Managing Member of Consolidated Apparel, Inc. and BDC Florida LLC, respectively, since June 21, 2021, and January 24th, 2017. In 2018, Gene Caiazzo founded MTO Wear LLC as its Managing Member. MTO Wear investigates the viability of private-label custom performance wear.

From 2001 to 2017, Gene Caiazzo participated in the LED lighting and display sector, providing sales, marketing, and sourcing expertise to companies such as Arrow Electronics, Wyndsor Lighting, HiTech Electronic Displays, Global Displays, and Federal LED. Mr. Caiazzo’s early career consisted of Coca-Cola as a Regional Sales Manager and Premiere Marketing as Vice President of Sales, which provided significant distribution of consumer electronics and computer components throughout the Caribbean and Latin American (CALA) regions.

Manuel Losada, Director

Manuel Losada has been our Director since November 11, 2019. From September 21, 2018, until November 30, 2019, he was a Director of Global Consortium, Inc., which is quoted on the OTCMARKETS Pink tier and files reports with OTCMARKETS as a non-SEC reporting company. From September 2009 to present, Manuel Losada has been the President/General Partner of MedPro Associates located in Empire Colorado, a national manufacturer’s representation organization. Since 2013, Manuel Losada has been the Chief Executive Officer/President of Optimal Healthcare Solutions, an automated logistics inventory service with low-cost solution-driven capabilities targeted at reducing customers’ operating expenses.